Living without boundaries.

It has been a long, hard-fought battle and the silence on here has been nothing but a side effect. The fact of the matter is, I was recently denied the right to pursue graduate education in the US *insert gasps, disbelief and head shakes.*

Today, I want to talk about it.

Being denied the right to pursue a Master’s program in the US is part of so many things that are wrong in this world. Denied the right to grow, to fulfil your dreams, to be the person you’ve fought so hard to become. Denied the desire to learn and the opportunities so few of us have been granted.

Denied freedom, because I dared to be free. I dared to uproot my life so many times and I dared to call many places home. This makes me a threat, it would seem. Too volatile, too fickle, too free. I’m mad and I’m hurting and I want to smash things, fix them, then smash them again.

But this is only the beginning. After I wash all the anger and disappointment down, after I process the incredibly crippling outcome of this arbitrary denial, I will find a way to use it to my advantage. I will write about it, denounce it, question it, I will not be silenced and I will not be stopped. This isn’t a war, we have enough of these going around and I am not a threat, I am just a writer who isn’t just a writer. I am a writer who, like many of us, wants to make a difference. Maybe this is my cue.

This is my chance to write about the importance of living without boundaries, loving without boundaries, and praising multiculturalism like never before. This is my chance to speak my mind and channel this into something concrete, something that will move us forward.

Everything happens for a reason, they say, and I believe it. Even now. But I’m not done yet. I will digest this, expand it and work on a longer piece on the subject. I will tell my story to those who want to listen and maybe, just maybe, it will be heard.

10 responses to “Living without boundaries.

  1. OMG. Ellie you have to tell me more but I admire your attitude. You can use this experience to your benefit and it will undoubtedly make you a better writer.


  2. So that means I have to come to Italy and not the States to deliver my book…
    Having got the selfish stuff out of the way (because it’s all about me, me, me), the gratifying thing to see here is that, in spite of what is obviously a crushing disappointment, you are already contemplating the presence of positives in the situation. You may not have identified them yet, but you know they’re there – just as they have been in the past for you.
    And remember, the greatest freedom you have is the ability to choosee how to respond to the situation. From what I’ve seen so far, I’ve no doubt you’ll choose to respond in a way that will take you forward again.


  3. I am so disappointed for you. I hope you find out why you were denied after being accepted. Maybe you can take it up the ladder and get someone else to review your case. Sending you positive energy.


  4. Hi Eli! You go, girl! Never give up! But I am out of touch… I thought you were living your dream in Paris… and I thought you were seeking employment. It does not surprise me that you were refused a place in US, given all that is going on over there. That country is closing down and headed slowly but surely back into the dark ages. Is there anywhere else you can study? Btw I have gone back into education myself… BA in Celtic and Irish Medieval Studies and English, just completed my first year and looking forward to the next two. 😊 Hope you’re ok. Xxx


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